Security and Access Control Systems PCBs

PCBs play a vital yet often overlooked role in security and access control systems that safeguard people and property. PCBs form the foundation of various security electronics like alarm systems, entry devices, surveillance cameras, access control panels and more.

Whether used in public venues like airports or restricted areas like research labs, PCBs enable integration of various sensors, processors, storage and communication modules. Rigorously manufactured PCBs ensure 24/7 reliable operation of security equipment under diverse environments.

Security and Access Control Systems

With deep expertise in fabricating PCBs meeting demanding electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications, JHYPCB is a trusted partner for security device manufacturers. Our PCB solutions cover everything from prototyping to volume production of boards catered to operate reliably in critical security systems for extended durations.

In the following sections, we explore PCB applications in security industry, manufacturing capabilities specially geared for this niche and why partnering with us enables superior, customized PCB solutions for your next-generation security products.

Major PCB Applications in Security and Access Control Products

PCBs form core components across various types of electronic security and access control systems that keep infrastructure and assets safe:

  • Access Control Panels: The brains of access control systems are made using multilayer PCBs that consolidate various modules for authentication, system interfaces, database storage, power regulation etc. Rigid-Flex PCBs allow creating more compact panels.
  • Surveillance Camera: Surveillance cameras meant for indoor and outdoor operation rely on PCBs that integrate image processing and communication modules able to withstand environmental factors and intermittent power supply.
  • Entry Systems: Key card and biometric access devices feature PCBs catering to sensing modules, credential verification, operating actuators and handling tamper events reliably with backup power incorporated for uninterrupted functioning.
  • Sensors and Detectors: Occupancy, fire or gas leakage detection devices use PCBs for interfacing various sensors with alarm outputs and communication modules with focus on fail-safe operation for extended durations.

In essence, PCBs empower and interconnect various functional elements in access control, surveillance, identification, and alarm systems used extensively in residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure for bolstering security.

Security and Access Control Systems PCBs

Key Requirements for PCBs Used in Security and Access Control Applications

To ensure uninterrupted and fail-safe functioning, PCBs designed for electronic security and access control systems demand:

High Reliability

Because failure can have dire consequences, PCBs have to function reliably under continuous operation spanning over a decade in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments without field upgrades.

All-Climate Resilience

PCBs in security equipment like door controllers, metal detectors, alarm keypads withstand temperature swings, humidity and other environmental parameters in outdoor and partially protected locations.

Compliance and Safety

PCB based security products meet various compliance needs like CE, UL, FCC related to safety and electromagnetic interference besides reliable performance specs.

Tamper Proofing

Detection and disables compromised modules with techniques like meshwork of detection circuits or resistive glass laminates to prevent hacking attempts.

Our PCB Manufacturing Expertise for Security and Access Control Sector

With rich experience in delivering PCB based electronic subsystems for diverse physical security and cybersecurity applications, our manufacturing strengths empower us to offer tailored PCB hardware aligned to critical system operation:

  • Quality Manufacturing – Leveraging automation, proven processes per IPC standards and rigorous quality testing, we achieve over 98% manufacturing yields vital for reliable functioning of PCBs over elongated life cycles.
  • Controlled Processes – Our security PCB manufacturing environment features access control, surveillance coverage, and system-based workflows to ensure traceability and change management while protecting intellectual property.
  • On Demand Flexibility – We tailor our production workflows for optimized prototyping as well as volume manufacturing capable of adapting to evolving customer requirements.
  • Responsible Supply Chain – Our sourcing, warehousing, and logistics are designed to mitigate electronics supply chain risks and ensure transparency through worthy partners helping us deliver PCB needs reliably.

By combining security domain perspective with printed circuit board manufacturing best practices, we offer a purpose-built approach enabling fool-proof delivery of sophisticated PCBs that power robust security systems safeguarding people and critical assets.

Our PCB Assembly Services for Security and Access Control Systems

In addition to fabrication, we offer full-fledged PCB assembly catered to security equipment manufacturers:

  • SMT Assembly – High precision surface mount assembly of SMT components, including smallest chip components besides BGAs using cutting-edge pick and place equipment.
  • Clean Room Facilities – We offer high cleanliness level assembly environment for processing exposed PCBs fitted into security devices like alarm panels and card readers.
  • Testing and Inspections – From visual quality checks to functional tests by simulating working loads and operating environments covering aspects like tamper events, humidity, voltage fluctuations, etc, faced by PCBs inside various security electronics.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Compliance-oriented design reviews plus safety testing services for assembled PCBs to achieve certification needs like UL, CE critical for security equipment.

Our collaborative approach right from optimizing PCB design for DFA, rigorous assembly process tailored for security devices backed by comprehensive testing services together accelerate product development cycles while enabling rapid deployment of field-proven reliable PCB assemblies purpose-built for access control, surveillance or detection products.

Why Choose Us As Your Security Electronics PCB Partner

By partnering with us for your security and access control system PCB needs, you can gain access to specialized expertise vital for product reliability and rapid progress:

  1. Prototype PCB Manufacturing
  2. Comprehensive PCB Assembly
    • SMT, THT, and mixed technology assembly
    • Experienced in component selection and process optimization
    • Support diverse component types and form factors
  3. One-Stop Services
    • PCB fabrication, component procurement, assembly and testing
    • Seamless product realization under one roof
    • Accelerated product development cycle
  4. Technical Support
    • DFM, DFA, and DFT expertise
    • Design reviews and guidelines
    • Assembly process recommendations
    • Manufacturing consultation
  5. Volume Production
    • Scalable manufacturing capacities
    • Inventory and supply chain management
    • Consistency across entire production

Contact Us for Reliable Security Electronics PCBs

To explore how our specialized security systems focused PCB design, manufacturing and assembly services can enable superior field-proven electronic hardware solutions for your access control, video surveillance, detection or security management products, please reach out to us via:


Our experts are ready to guide you on tailored materials selection, design choices and production strategies aligned to performance, compliance, longevity and rapid market deployment requirements vital for robust functioning of modern security systems safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Partner with us for purpose-built PCBs powering trustworthy security and safety.

JHYPCB - Leading High-Quality, Quick-Turn PCB Manufacturing

At JHYPCB, we are a premier PCB manufacturer providing one-stop PCB fabrication and assembly services to meet the diverse needs across multiple industries. With years of experience and cutting-edge capabilities, we deliver high-quality, quick-turn PCB solutions tailored to each application’s unique requirements.

Our Core Expertise:

  • High-reliability PCBs for demanding applications
  • Wide range of PCB technologies: HDI, rigid-flex, RF/microwave, thermal boards, and more
  • Advanced manufacturing processes: high-density interconnect, buried/blind vias and more
  • Fast prototype to production cycle times
  • Strong engineering support from quote to delivery

Whether you need prototypes for new product development or high-volume PCB production, JHYPCB is your trusted partner. Explore our PCB capabilities for your industry below.

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