Flexible PCB (FPC) Fabrication Capability

We mainly produce high-precision single-sided, double-sided (double-sided FPC LED lamp strip), multi-layer ultra-thin (such as high-precision printer data transmission flexible wiring), ultra-long flexible circuit board (such as ultra-long industrial control antenna) and so on. FPC is widely used in UAV, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent home, BlueTooth, automobile, aviation instrument, industrial control, medical equipment, robot, mobile phone, tablet computer, LCD, projector, on-board navigation, digital camera, security, printer and other terminal technology products. Select high-quality flexible circuit board materials, advanced flexible circuit board manufacturing process, and capability, ensure product quality, reasonable price.

NO.ItemsManufacturing Capability
1PCB Layers1 – 10 Layers
2LaminateDuPont PI | Shengyi PI
3Maximum PCB Size(Length x Width)Single-Sided PCB480*4000mm
Double-Sided PCB480*1800mm
4Minimum Board ThicknessSingle-Sided PCB0.05mm+/-0.02mm
Double-Sided PCB0.08mm+/-0.02mm
MultilayersAs per Gerber
5Finished Board Thickness1-6 Layer0.05mm-0.6mm
8 Layer1.6mm
6Min Tracing/SpacingCopper Thickness 1/3 oz:0.076mm/0.076mm (1-6L)
0.05mm/0.05mm (8L)
Copper Thickness 1/2 oz:0.076mm/0.076mm (1-6L)
0.06mm/0.06mm (8L)
Copper Thickness 1oz:0.1mm/0.1mm (1-6L)
0.065mm/0.065mm (8L)
7Min. Annular Ring4mil
8Minimum Hole Size0.10mm
1-6 Layer0.2mm(8mil) (CNC)
8 Layer0.15mm(CNC)
9Minimum line width/line spacing0.045/0.045mm
10Min. PTH size0.1mm
11Min. PTH PAD size0.2mm
12Min. blind via diameter0.075mm
13Min. capture pad size0.175mm
14Min. solder mask bridge0.065mm
15Coverlay registration tolerance0.10mm
16PTH hole size tolerance±0.038mm
17Contour tolerance±0.05mm
18Impedance tolerance±6%(for differential impedance)
19Outside dimensional tolerance±0.07mm | ±0.05mm Precision mold
20Min. slot hole width0.50mm
21Pitch tolerance±0.03mm
22Air Gap capabilityYes
23Panelization Size250*510mm
24Solder Mask ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
25Solder-stop coating—CoverlayPI and PET film
26Salt spray tolerance experiment24 Hours
27Number of bending resistance of FPC finished productsMore than 30 times
28Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow
29Fog Goldfinger Pitch tolerance±0.05mm(adhesives FCCL)
±0.03mm(adhesiveless FCCL)
30Surface FinishOSP
ENIG(Electroless NickLead-Free Gold)Ni thickness:2-6um
Au thickness:0.025-0.05um
Flash GoldNi thickness:2-8um
Au thickness:0.025-0.15um
Immersion TinTin thickness:0.5-1um
PlatingTinTin thickness:1-10um
Laser cuPunching
31Special technologiesPeelable solder mask
Gold fingers
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)
Impedance Control+/-10%
Rigid-Flex PCB
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