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Best PCB Supplier in China

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have gained a massive demand in the last two decades. Now, PCBs are being used in almost every industry. The reason behind the excessive use of PCBs is compactness. A single PCB can accommodate many components in an organized way, and it is difficult to replicate the same circuit using wires and components.

With the increase in the demand for PCBs, the industry has grown rapidly. It is expected that it will grow by 10 billion USD by 2024. The PCB industry sector has grown rapidly in the past few years, and there are many PCB manufacturers in the world, especially in China. JHYPCB is also a best and cheapest PCB manufacturer in China with the capacity of low-medium to large volume PCB.

JHYPCB is a famous professional manufacturer of high-quality PCBs and PCBAs. Our large facility has over 500 workers. We are always ready to provide the best PCB manufacturing services at a reasonable cost.

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China PCB Manufacturer

JHYPCB is a professional prototype PCB manufacturing factory in china, providing cheap and best PCB fabrication and assembly services.

China PCB Supplier

Types of PCBs Offered by JHYPCB

JHY is a professional and reliable PCB manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience in the PCB fabrication and assembly industry in China. We’ve offered PCB manufacturing and assembly services for over 5,000 companies and over 60 countries. Our customer satisfaction rate is around 99%, and we pride ourselves on providing the best service.

We specialize in providing companies of all sizes with full-range and high-quality PCB production, assembly, and components sourcing services. We can cover from quick-turn PCB prototypes to mass production to partial & full turn-key assembly service. We ship internationally, so you can explore our wide range of PCB services today regardless of where your company is located.

The search is over if you’re looking for a reliable PCB manufacturer. As one of the most popular PCB manufacturers worldwide, JHY’s one-stop PCB production solutions to go for all your PCB fabrication and assembly needs.

Rigid PCB Circuit Board

A Rigid PCB Board(include: HDI PCB, BGA PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, etc.) is made of solid material/substrate that does not have flexibility. It has a particular shape, which is retained at a certain temperature limit. It does not lose its shape in normal conditions.

At JHYPCB, we offer all types of rigid PCBs. We can provide single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer rigid PCBs. You can select the appropriate surface finish, silkscreen, solder mask, and anything according to your needs.

A flexible circuit board is made of a flexible material which provides it the ability to bend and adjust according to the available space. These PCBs are also called Flexible/Flex circuits.

As a professional flex PCB manufacturer in China, we provide quality flexible PCBs of any shape and size up to 480mm x 4000mm. We are capable of making multilayer PCBs up to 8 layers.

Flexible PCB Fabrication
Rigid-flexible PCB Board

The combination of Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB is Rigid-Flex PCB. There can be one or more rigid and flexible parts. It provides more flexibility in designing.

At JHYPCB, we offer 1-12 layers Rigid-Flex PCBs up to 406mm x 610mm. The flexible part is of DuPont PI or Shengyi PI, while the rigid part can be of FR-4 or any other suitable substrate.

Metal core PCBs are also Rigid PCBs, and they are made of metal substrates. The base of such PCBs is of metal, which is usually aluminum or copper. These PCBs have excellent heat dissipation capabilities. They are mostly used for LED lighting.

JHYPCB proudly offers high-quality Aluminum and Copper PCBs. We have a wide range of Aluminum LED PCBs, and we can also manufacture PCB and PCBA, according to the customer’s demands.

metal Core PCB

China PCB Assembly Manufacturer

We produce PCBs that meet your exacting quality control standards every step of the way. With our expedited service, we can deliver your PCB boards in as little as two days; for high-volume orders, we can deliver your PCBs in two weeks. Our low-cost, low-volume assembly service allows you to see your design instantly without wasting a significant investment of money or time. If you need to verify and test before ordering a mass production, we also provide to meet your prototype PCB manufacturing and assembly needs!

Why JHYPCB Services?

Experienced and Expert Employees

We have over 500 experienced employees that strive to provide the best PCBs. We have experts to assist you. They check your data and files and make sure everything is perfect. If there is any problem with the design or materials, they guide the customers. We make sure everything is up to the mark and satisfactory. We have been in the industry for the past nine years, and we are providing quality services through our expertise and experience.

Quick Turn Prototype PCB Services

We understand the need for quick PCB prototypes. Therefore, we can provide you fast PCB prototypes. Provide us all the details of the prototype, and we will make sure to get it done as soon as possible. The fastest turnaround is 24 hours. After getting the prototype, you can check your design and make amendments, and order a new prototype again for further testing. It allows you to ensure the performance of PCB in less time. We save your time by providing quick turn prototypes.

Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

We offer full turnkey PCB Assembly services. When you take our full turnkey service, everything is our responsibility. We purchase the components, fabricate the PCB, install the components, and do final testing. The customer has nothing to do. We provide the final product with perfection. We take care of everything from scratch.

Strict Quality Management System

We never compromise on the quality. We have an international standard quality management system, which is certified by ISO, UL, and RoHS. We are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Our aim is to provide the best product to clients. The product goes through different tests and checks. For PCBA, we have AOI and X-ray testing to make sure everything is up to the mark. We also offer DFM (Design for Manufacturability) to check the files provided by the buyer. Our DFT (Design for Testing) also ensures the quality and final output of the PCB assembly. If there is any fault or problem, it is detected and rectified in the DFT.

No Restriction on Orders

There is no restriction of minimum order. You can even order one PCB or PCBA. You can order your own design or select any of our pre-made boards. Moreover, there is no minimum order restriction on the PCB prototype.

Affordable Price

We make high-tech PCB at an affordable price. Our prices are 20% less than other PCB manufacturers in China. We aim to provide the best services at a reasonable price. You can save money and get satisfactory services without any hassle.

On-time Shipment

We are committed to complete the order on time. Once you place the order, the files are checked by our experts. If there is any problem, we contact the buyer. We make sure everything is up to the mark so that the manufacturing process can be carried out without any delay. Thus, we complete orders on time.

After Sales Services

We stand behind our products and services. We have 24-hour online customer service to deal with any queries and problems with our products. If there is any problem, you can contact us anytime, and we will be happy to assist you.

Best PCB Manufacturer in China

JHYPCB proudly provides all types of PCB services under one roof. We can provide all services from PCB manufacturing to the final PCBA. We can handle low-medium to high volume up to 1 million pieces. Our quick turn PCB prototypes and fast manufacturing services will save you time and money. We ensure high-quality PCBs at an affordable price. For more information and quotations, feel free to contact us.

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