Rigid PCB Fabrication Capability

The continuous upgrading of the process manufacturing capacity is our most competitive advantage. The upgrading of manufacturing capacity also means providing customers with the most advanced production technologies and reducing costs for customers.

NO.ItemManufacturing Capability
1PCB Layers1~64 Layer
2Quality GradeIPC Class 2|PC Class 3
3Laminate/Base materialFR-4|S1141|High Tg|PTFE|Ceramic PCB|Polyimide|S1000-2|IT180A|Isola-FR408HR|FR406|Isola 370 HR|Rogers|Taconic|Arlon|Halogen Free, etc.
4Brand of LaminateKingboard|ITEQ|Shengyi|Nanya|Isola|TUC|SYL|Arlon|Nelco|Taconic|Hitachi|Rogers, etc.
5High Temperature Material

Normal Tg: Shengyi S1141|KB6160|Huazhen H140(not suitable for lead-free process )

Middle Tg: For HDI、multilayers: SY S1000H|ITEQIT158|HuazhengH150|TU-662|SY S1150G|HuazhengH150HF|H160HF;

High Tg: For thick copper、high layer: SY S1000-2|ITEQIT180A|HuazhengH170|ISOLA: FR408R|370HR|TU-752|SY S1165

6High Frequency Circuit Board MaterialRogers|Arlon|Taconic|SY SCGA-500|S7136|HuazhengH5000
7High Speed PCB MaterialSY S7439|TU-862HF|TU-872SLK|ISOLA: I-Speed, I-Tera@MT40|Huazheng:H175|H180|H380
8InkTaiyo INK (Japan)|KUANGSHUN(China)|RONGDA(China)|Coates Screen(UK)|S.M Materials(Taiwan, China)
9Heat Conductivity for Alu. Boards1.0
10ChemicalRohm&Haas (US)|Atotech (Germany)|Umicore (Germany)
11PCB Type and ServicesPrototype PCB|Rigid PCB|Flexible PCB(FPC)|Rigid-Flex PCB|HDI PCB|High Tg PCB|BGA PCB|Impedance Control PCB|IMS PCB(LED PCB Board, Aluminum PCB, Metal Core PCB)|Multilayer PCB|PCBA(PCB Assembly Service)
12Max Board Size609 * 889 mm
13Board Thickness0.1~8.0mm
14Board Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm / ±10%
15Min base copper thicknessOuter layer:1/3oz (12um) ~10oz|Inner layer:1/2oz~6oz
16Max finished copperthickness6 OZ
17Min Mechanical Drilling Hole Size6mil(0.15mm)
18Min Laser Drilling Hole Size3mil(0.075mm)
19Min CNC Drilling Hole Size0.15mm
20Hole Wall Roughness(Max)1.5mil
21Min trace width/spacing(Inner Layer)2/2mil(Outer layer:1/3oz,Inner layer:1/2oz) (H/H OZ base copper)
22Min trace width/spacing(Outer Layer)2.5/2.5mil (H/H OZ base copper)
23Min spacing between hole to inner layer conductor6mil
24Min spacing between hole to outer layer conductor6mil
25Min annular ring for via3mil
26Min annular ring for component hole5mil
27Min BGA diameter8mil
28Min BGA pitch0.4mm
29Min Finished hole size0.15mm(CNC)|0.1mm(Laser)
30Half Hole DiameterMinimum Half hole Diameter: 1mm, Half hole is a special technology, so half hole diameter should be greater than 1mm.
31Hole Wall Copper Thickness (Thinnest)≥0.71mil
32Hole Wall Copper Thickness (Average)≥0.8mil
33Minimum Air Gap0.07mm(3mil)
34Fine SMD Pitch0.07mm(3mil)
35Max aspect ratios20:1
36Min soldermask bridge width3mil
37Soldermask/circuit processing methodFilm|LDI
38Min thickness for insulating layer2mil
39HDI & special type PCBHDI(1-3 steps)|R-FPC(2-16 layers)|High frequency mix-pressing(2-14 layers)|Buried capacitance & resistance …
40Max. PTH (Round Hole)8mm
41Max. PTH (Round Slot Holes)6*10mm
42PTH Deviation±3mil
43PTH Deviation (Width)±4mil
44PTH Deviation (Length)±5mil
45NPTH Deviation±2mil
46NPTH Deviation (Width)±3mil
47NPTH Deviation (Length)±4mil
48Hole Position Deviation±3mil
49Character TypesSerial Number|Barcode|QR Code
50Min Character Width (Legend)≥0.15mm, Characters width less than 0.15mm will be unidentifiable.
51Min Character Height (Legend)≥0.8mm, Characters height less than 0.8mm will be unidentifiable.
52Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend)1:5, 1:5 is the most suitable ratio for production.
53Distance between Trace and Outline≥0.3mm(12mil), Ship as individual boards: Distance between Trace and Outline ≥0.3mm, Ship as Panelized boards with V-cut: Distance between Trace and V-cut line ≥0.4mm
54Panelization without Spacing0mm, Ship as Panelized boards and the spacing between boards is 0mm.
55Panelization with Spacing1.6mm, Make sure the spacing between boards should be ≥1.6mm, otherwise it will be hard to process routing.
56Surface FinishesOSP|HASL|HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF)|Immersion Silver|Immersion Tin|Plated Gold|Immersion Gold(ENIG)|ENEPIG|Golden Finger+HASL|ENIG+OSP|ENIG+Golden Finger|OSP+Golden Finger, etc.
57Solder-Mask Finishing1). Wet Film (LPI Soldermask)
2). Peelable Soldermask
58Solder Mask ColorsGreen|Red|White|Black, Blue|Yellow|Orange|Purple, Gray|Transparent .etc.
Matte: Green|Blue|Black, etc.
59Silkscreen ColorsBlack|White|Yellow, etc.
60Electrical TestingFixture / Flying Probe
61Other TestingAOI, X-Ray(AU&NI), Two-dimension Measurement, Hole Copper Instrument, Controlled Impedance Test(Coupon test&Third Party Report), Metalloscope, Peeling Strength Tester, Solderability Test, Logic Contamination Test
62Profile1). CNC Routing (±0.1mm)
2). CNC V-Cut(±0.05mm)
3). Bevelling
4). Mould-Die Punching(±0.1mm)
63Special CapabilitiesThick Copper, Thick Gold(5U”), Gold Finger, Blind and Buried Hole, Countersink Hole, Semi-hole, Peelable Mask, Carbon Ink, Counter sink hole, Plated board edge, Press fit hole, Control depth hole, VIA in PAD, Non-conductive resin plug hole, Plating plug hole, Coil PCB, Super Mini PCB, Peelable Mask, Controlled Impedance PCB, etc.

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