JHYPCB’s Strict Operating Standards

Quality Management

Quality PCB fabrication and assembly house, JHYPCB is efficiently working under strict ISO9001 and Rohs policies famous for its procedure and quality controls. These strong policies ensure that JHYPCB’s products give an excellent level of satisfaction in each and every stage of customer’s requirement and development, from the supplier’s selection to WIP inspection, customer service, and outgoing inspection.

Some of its specific examples are given below:

  1. Assessment and Audit of our suppliers

JHYPCB’s supplier evaluation team verifies and scrutinizes the suppliers strictly before approval. And they will also be evaluated by JHYPCB once a year to provide the required high-quality material. In addition, JHYPCB checks and figures out suppliers regularly to fulfill the environment management and quality of ISO9001 systems.

  1. Checking of Contracts

Customer’s requirements should be verified before accepting any order to make sure that JHYPCB has the ability to satisfy customers’ conditions, delivery, stipulations, and other demands.

  1. Preparation and control over manufacturing,

Design Data and related documents received from customers will be reviewed strictly by JHYPCB. Then by CAM design datum transform into manufacturing datum. In the end, according to JHYPCB’s branded manufacturing process and technologies MI will be formulated to incorporate all manufacturing data information.

MI must be inspected after preparation first by independent engineers and then reviewed by QA engineers and get approved. Before issuance of routing and drilling datum first article inspection must confirm it to provide a guarantee for validity and authenticity of their manufacturing documentation.

  1. Incoming Control IQC,

All materials in JHYPCB should be checked properly before going to the warehouse. It establishes strict working instructions to handle incoming components including PCB material with the help of different types of equipment and precise inspection instruments to judge and analyze the material. JHYPCB also used a computerized system to keep a record of manufacturing and expiry dates which ensures that materials are used up at an accurate time.

  1. How to control Fabrication,

Strict working instructions, managed and well-maintained equipment, authorized WIP monitoring and right manufacturing instructions (MI), make the process of production completely legal and controlled.

To fulfill the requirements of the customer’s specifications, all semi-products and final products must pass through JHYPCB, exact inspection equipment like the AOI system, precise WIP inspection instructions, and control plans.

  1. Final Inspection and Control,

All PCBs made by JHYPCB should pass the open and short test as well as visual inspection after going through the relative physical test. For finishing PCB assembly JHYPCB has various advanced test equipment including X-ray inspection, 3D SPI Testing, In-Circuit Testing, 3D AOI Testing, and AOI Testing.

  1. Outgoing Evaluation and Approval,

For final inspection of the product according to customer’s conditions JHYPCB has introduced a special feature that is the FAQ. After packing before delivery FAQ must 100 % evaluate and scrutinize every shipment for the customer,s part number, fabrication part number, destination address, quantity, packing list, etc.

  1. Customer Service,

 A professional customer service team to communicate and facilitate with customers deals and feedback is arranged by JHYPCB. Firstly they try to solve their issues on the customer’s site. It shows great concern about their wishes and often does surveys to accomplish their needs. With all these specific criteria JHYPCB will satisfy their customers and make the products exactly match their orders and needs.

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