Fast Turn Prototype PCB Fabrication Service

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Quick turn PCB production refers to completing PCB production at the fastest speed in the production process. It only takes 8 hours for a double-sided PCB prototype, 24 hours for small batches, 36 hours for a multilayer circuit board prototype, and 3 working days for small and medium quantities. A factory based on this production time is called a fast PCB manufacturer.

Fast PCB Prototyping Service

The advancement of technology requires new ideas and inventions. Developers know very well that every new idea needs to be designed, manufactured, and finally tested, especially for electronic products. Rapid prototyping is critical to test and improve the design to meet the requirements and enter the market quickly in a fiercely competitive market environment.

Rapid PCB prototyping manufacturers can provide developers with rapid PCB prototyping manufacturing services, achieving a rapid turnover of 1-5 working days.

Usually, the quantity of PCB prototypes is small, generally between 5 and 100 pieces. PCB prototype testing may take many times to improve the quality of the final product.

Fast PCB Prototyping Service

What is rapid PCB prototyping?

A rapid or fast-turn PCB prototype is created for new products. Rapid PCB prototype service helps streamline printed circuit board designs and identify problems before they are manufactured in mass production. A rapid prototype is manufactured quickly and efficiently to suit the client’s needs, ensuring that designs can be quickly verified and any potential design changes implemented promptly.

what is PCB prototyping
What is a Fast PCB Prototyping Service

What is a Fast PCB Prototyping Service?

Quick turn PCB production refers to completing PCB production at the fastest speed in the production process. It only takes 8 hours for a double-sided PCB prototype, 24 hours for small batches, 36 hours for a multilayer circuit board prototype, and 3 working days for small and medium quantities. A factory based on this production time is called a fast PCB manufacturer.

With the maturity of the PCB manufacturing process and the improvement of supply chain management, the production speed of rapid PCB prototyping manufacture is getting faster and faster, and the delivery cycle is getting shorter and shorter. What are the specific factors that are fueling the flames?

Why do you need rapid PCB prototyping service?

Why do you need rapid PCB prototyping service?

We already know what a PCB prototype is, but why do we need a rapid PCB prototype service?

The definition of the PCB prototype has already told us the answer. Before mass production, these prototype PCBs are manufactured to conduct various tests and check the manufacturability of our designs.

The two most essential points of the Rapid PCB prototype are speed and quality. JHYPCB has always followed and implemented IPC class 2 quality standards to provide PCB customization services. To learn more about PCB and PCBA IPC standards, please click here.

Prototype testing

Prototype testing is to avoid paying a high price when the design is flawed during mass production. Rapid PCB prototyping allows you to make timely modifications even if you find design flaws. Rapid PCB prototyping and testing can ensure the functionality and quality of your final product.

Cost control

We are conducting multiple rounds of prototype testing before PCB mass production can make the design and product more perfect and reduce the frequency of later product update iterations.

Why is the Quick Turn PCB Prototyping So Fast?

Rapid PCB Prototype Fabrication

Special Urgent Services

For customers requiring urgent, expedited service can significantly reduce delivery times for PCB prototypes. Our expedited production process allows single/double-sided PCBs to be completed within 24 hours. 4-layer PCBs can be finished with 48 hours. And any additional layers or batch orders within 72 hours. Meeting urgent demands through expedited services regardless of prototype specifications.

Strict Quality Management

The efficient production of quick-turn circuit board prototypes requires strict process management. Without proper product oversight from order to completion, manufacturing efficiency and delivery times suffer. However, rigorous production control allows factories to significantly boost fabrication speeds while ensuring prototype quality.

Advanced Equipment

If there is no copier, how can your documents be copied quickly one by one? Therefore, having advanced automation equipment is also very important for PCB Prototyping. Only by using this equipment can you significantly improve your labor productivity through machines and considerably shorten the delivery time of products.

World's Fastest

What is the essential factor you will take into account when buying fast PCB prototype service?

The quick turn should be the priority as the buyer can check the PCB earlier and adjust accordingly. We live in a rapidly changing world, making speed one of the main competing factors in business. On the contrary, prototype PCB delay may influence the whole program’s progress, which is extremely bad for engineers. Hence, it’s quite necessary for the buyers who care much about the time to get the fast turn PCB prototype fabrication via PCBELEC.COM.

Tips for Fast PCB Prototyping Service that You Must Know

How to find a suitable rapid PCB prototyping service or find a suitable rapid PCB prototyping manufacturer? Here are the answers you have been looking for.

  • Quality of PCB prototype

The quality of the PCB prototype is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for your choice. Any problems with the quality of the PCB prototype will cost you time and cost. Therefore, you need to ensure that your PCB prototype manufacturer has the most advanced production equipment, production processes, and experienced engineers and workers.

Whether the PCB prototype product meets the environmental requirements of Europe or the United States, such as Rohs, UL certification, etc.. secondly, whether the PCB prototype product meets industry standards or international standards is also one of the factors you need to consider.

For details of the IPC standard documents of PCB products, please refer to here.

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The PCB prototype is a trial production for verification and functional testing before mass production. Therefore, its MOQ will be very small. Some PCB manufacturers are specialized in PCB prototyping services, while some PCB manufacturers only accept high-volume production tasks.

  • PCB prototype cost factors

The cost of fast PCB prototyping service will be the most important and will play a decisive factor. After all, to save costs and maintain the competitiveness of the final product, price is paramount. However, it needs to be reminded that you cannot trade quality for the price. Low-quality PCB prototyping services may have a profound impact, and it may put your entire project in a passive and dangerous situation. If your product is only found to be of poor quality after it is on the market, you may have to pay not only the production cost of the product but the most severe impact on the company’s reputation.

  • Fast turnaround time

Fast PCB prototyping service focuses on “fast,” that is, fast turnaround time. Market competition is not only the competition of product quality and price but also the competition of who takes the lead in the market and the “blue ocean” market.

  • Ability to meet customized requirements

Even if your PCB prototype manufacturer meets the quality, time, and cost requirements, but its custom production capabilities cannot meet, it will not be able to provide you with satisfactory products and services.

As the miniaturization of electronic products becomes more and more popular, the requirements for the delivery capability of PCB manufacturers are also increasing. Moreover, with the increase in component density, you usually need to use a multilayer PCB and add blind or buried vias to the multilayer PCB design. You must ensure that the PCB manufacturer you cooperate with can provide you with complex PCB production.

  • Experienced rapid PCB prototyping manufacturer

You need a PCB manufacturer with many years of rapid PCB prototyping experience. Experienced PCB prototyping companies know what you need, and they can provide you with continuous support with their rich experience.

JHYPCB provides rapid PCB prototype production services 24 hours (2 layers)/48 hours (4 layers). Our professional engineers will check the Gerber file’s manufacturability design and give reasonable suggestions, and these are free. The prototyping stage is critical for electronic engineers, students, and hobbyists. JHYPCB not only speeds up your sample production speed to verify your design but also dramatically reduces your cost and shortens the time for developing electronic products.

Since its inception, we have quickly turned PCB prototype fabricationfast prototype PCB assembly, and small batch production into our operating characteristics. After years of unremitting efforts, we have won many customers, including Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Fast PCB Prototyping Manufacturing Service Delivery Capability

Layers within 0.1 ㎡ Normal delivery 0.1-1㎡ Normal delivery 1-2㎡ Normal delivery
Single-layer 24H 3 Days 24H 4 Days 3 Days 5 Days
48H 48H 4 Days
Double-layer 24H 4 Days 2 Days 5 Days 3 Days 7 Days
48H 3 Days 4 Days
72H 4 Days 5 Days
4 Layer 2 Days 6 Days 3 Days 7 Days 4 Days 8 Days
3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
6 Layer 3 Days 7 Days 4 Days 8 Days 5 Days 10 Days
4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
8 Layer 3 Days 9 Days 4 Days 10 Days 6 Days 11 Days
4 Days 5 Days 7 Days
5 Days 6 Days 8 Days

Best Prototype PCB Service

JHYPCB is one of the Chinese fast PCB manufacturers that can provide PCB prototype fabrication service and fast turn PCB prototype assembly service. We offer professional small-batch low-cost single-layer and double-sided circuit boards and high-precision multi-layer PCB prototype manufacturing and assembly services.

In China, most PCB factories are gathered in Shenzhen, with complete industrial chain. Since its establishment, JHYPCB has been positioned to provide high-quality, high-reliability, and high-efficiency fast PCB prototype manufacturing services for engineers, solution providers, researchers, and hobbyists.

To help customers shorten product development time and gain competitive market advantages, our company has continuously increased the upgrading and investment of production equipment, introduced modern production and testing equipment and software, strengthened the construction of the engineering team to ensure that the efficiency of each link is continuously improved.

Best Prototype PCB Service

Fast PCB Prototype Fabrication

As a professional PCB prototype service supplier, dedicates itself to offering every client excellent PCBs. Knowing the time urgency of prototypes, the cooperative manufacturers spare no effort to fabricate your PCB prototype just as quickly as 24 hours. Moreover, the experienced PCB manufacturing capabilities also present you with 100% quality assurance. Thus, you can rely on to get the fast turn PCB prototype.

Rapid PCB Prototypes Help Us to Gain Customers

As a rapid PCB prototype manufacturer in China, our customers are all over the world, and we also know that a fast turnaround means for our customers to be able to quickly realize the design to the real product and seize the market. Therefore, we provide 48 to 72 hours of rapid prototyping production services for our customers. It is precisely because of our rapid prototyping production service that we have won customers and the market.

Rapid PCB Prototype Manufacturing Service

Quick Turn Prototype PCB Fabrication Make us Being Different.

Both PCB designers and researchers are eager to see the design become a reality quickly. Therefore, it is particularly important to quick-turn prototype PCB Fabrication Service. What sets us apart from other electronic contract manufacturers is the Quick Turn Prototype PCB Service we can offer to our customers.

PCB Prototype Quick Quote

How to Get a Quick Quote for PCB Prototypes?

To obtain a rapid prototype PCB, you first need to choose an excellent PCB manufacturer. A qualified PCB supplier can provide you with fast PCB quotation, manufacturing, and transportation services. So how to get a fast PCB prototype quotation? Then please prepare the PCB Gerber and confirm the quantity and production requirements before inquiry. Only when the demand is clear and the information is complete, the PCB supplier can provide the quotation service accurately and quickly. What you need to know is that the quotation is provided free of charge by the PCB manufacturer.

Save PCB Prototype Manufacturing Quotation Time

Firstly, You only need to send Gerber files and other production requirements to and enjoy the quick pricing service.

Quick Response

Apart from that, the 24 hours live customer support also brings you the experience of quick response from This makes convenient counsel possible. Whenever you’ve got any doubts or questions, throw them to us, we will definitely help you out and reply to you as soon as possible.

Quick Turn Prototype PCB Fabrication

Rapid PCB Prototype Manufacturer In China

Thus, we can conclude that deserves the first choice for getting fast turn PCB prototype fabrication service. But, providing rapid prototypes is not what we only want; our final pursuit is to provide the fasted service of PCB manufacturing in the world, so we still have a long way to go.

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