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A prototype PCB is very important for any project. It is essential to consider a prototype circuit board before you start the manufacturing of PCBs in large amounts. Every industry that requires a PCB for its project gets a PCB prototyping first. Therefore, we will give you complete guidance for prototype printed circuit boards

JHYPCB’s PCB prototype service is one of the fastest and most reliable services in the industry in China. When you request PCB prototype services from JHYPCB, you will benefit from our fast delivery times. This means that in as little as 24 hours, we have a rapid PCB prototyping service ready for proof of concept.

As the leading PCB prototyping manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to have a solid industry reputation in this field for decades.

Benefits You Can Get From Us for your PCB prototype

Fast Quote

Fast Quote

Rapid PCB prototype services start with a quick quote. Our professional Process Engineer will review your design for free and provide a detailed quotations within 12 hours.



JHYPCB has specialized PCB prototype production lines and small and medium capacity PCB production lines, and We can offer the best offer for your project.

Short Lead Time

Short Lead Time

Short Lead Time is the strength of our PCB prototype service. We will optimize the PCB manufacturing and delivery most effectively, which will shorten your lead time.

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PCB Prototyping Fabrication Services

What is a PCB prototype?

A PCB prototype is just like a test board that is used for testing purposes. During PCB designing(Learn more about: PCB Design Guidelines, PCB Design Software Free Download), you may need to change many things and come up with different designs and dozens of alterations. So, you never know whether your PCB is perfect for mass production or not. Therefore, a PCB prototype board is made for testing. A few PCB prototype boards are made to test your design according to the desired results. If you have achieved what you wanted, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, you will need to redesign and order another PCB prototype. You need to make sure that your PCB is working correctly before starting bulk production. A prototype PCB may lack some features, but it is very close to the standard PCB. You will get a complete idea of your design; therefore, it is an essential step.

Highly Reliable Double-sided/Multi-layer PCB Prototype China Manufacturer

Fast, On time, Reliable and High Quality

JHYPCB PCB prototype fabrication capabilities

What can we do for your PCB prototype?

as you know, JHYPCB is a leading fast PCB prototype manufacturer in China; our PCB prototype fabrication service is available to global clients. We can provide any kind of simple-to-complex prototype PCBs with or without special requirements.

Check out our circuit board prototype capabilities in the following list:

  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flexible circuits
  • Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • IMS PCBs or metal core PCBs): 1-4 layers, aluminum base, copper base, or ceramic base
  • HDI boards: laser drilling micro vias, blind and buried vias, till any layer interconnect
  • Special substrates: Rogers, Isola, Dupont, Nelco, Panasonic, etc.
    Heavy copper: 1-15oz
  • Gold Plating: Hard or soft gold with selective or full body plating
    Blind and burid vias, microvias
  • Surface finish: Immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin
  • Controlled impedance: Single-ended, differential pairs, hatch impedance

Why Choose us

Every PCB has its unique manufacturing instructions (MI) & flying probe or fixture electrical test (E-test). Doing so ensures the best result for every batch of your PCB prototypes and repeat orders, regardless of the volume.

Each PCB manufacturing process will strictly conduct according to IPC standards. Our professional in-house control team will verify all manufacturing processes meet the customer’s requirements and related regulations to ensure all PCB boards manufactured by us and shipped to you are high-quality and low-cost.

Fast Turnaround

Over 10 Years of Experience in PCB Prototype

Secure, Fast, On-Time Shipping

Save Money

Engineer Team Support

Easy to Use Service

Fast PCB Prototype Fabrication Service

JHYPCB is the Best Prototype PCB Manufacturer in China, providing a cheap and fast PCB prototype fabrication service.

Layers within 0.1 ㎡ Normal delivery 0.1-1㎡ Normal delivery 1-2㎡ Normal delivery
Single-layer 24H 3 Days 24H 4 Days 3 Days 5 Days
48H 48H 4 Days
Double-layer 24H 4 Days 2 Days 5 Days 3 Days 7 Days
48H 3 Days 4 Days
72H 4 Days 5 Days
4 Layer 2 Days 6 Days 3 Days 7 Days 4 Days 8 Days
3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
6 Layer 3 Days 7 Days 4 Days 8 Days 5 Days 10 Days
4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
8 Layer 3 Days 9 Days 4 Days 10 Days 6 Days 11 Days
4 Days 5 Days 7 Days
5 Days 6 Days 8 Days

Automatic PCB Board Prototyping Machine

Introduce high-end advanced equipment, build a first-class production line, and escort quality

High Precision Drilling Machine
Automatic Electroplating Gantry Line
PTH - Automatic Electroless Plating Copper Equipment
Laser Exposure Machine
Automated Optical Inspection
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Custom PCB Prototype Boards Show

We are a PCB manufacturer that specializes in PCB prototype and low volume PCB production

1 Layer PCB Prototype

1 Layer / Single-sided PCB Prototype

Double Sided PCB Prototype

2 Layer / Double-sided PCB Prototype

SMD PCB Prototype

SMD PCB Prototype

Round Prototype PCB Board

Round Prototype PCB Board

Blank PCB Prototype

Blank PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype Manufactuer In China


PCB prototype is a powerful tool for designers, offering time and cost-saving benefits while ensuring that your final product is top-quality. JHYPCB focuses on manufacturing quality PCB prototypes and low-to-medium volumes. Relied on our advanced manufacturing capabilities, JHYPCB can be your ideal reliable prototype PCB manufacturer and supplier in China. If you are interested in PCB prototype services for your next project, contact us. If you’re ready to work with a company that can help you benefit from high-quality PCB prototype services, JHYPCB is your right partner.


PCB prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. It is mainly used in the process of electronic engineers designing the circuit and completing the PCB Layout, then sending the Gerber and other design files to the professional PCB prototype manufacturer for small batch trial production, which is PCB prototype fabrication.

There is no limit to the quantity of PCB prototypes produced. PCB prototype manufacturing Service at JHYPCB, No MOQ, even if it is one piece, we will do our best.

Ordering PCB prototypes instead of directly entering production provides many advantages. In almost any situation involving new or updated designs, PCB prototyping proves to be beneficial. The advantages of using our PCB prototyping services include:

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Able to find defects early
  • Ability to test components individually
  • Accurately grasp standard PCB performance
  • Complete projects efficiently
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Improve the final product and design

Printed circuit boards can be seen in almost all electronic products. You can find them in consumer electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, industrial equipment, lighting technology, aerospace instruments, and other fields.

As people continue to innovate and create more new electronic devices, it is in the development of these new products that prototype PCBs play a vital role. If your project involves any of the following situations, you should consider PCB prototype manufacturing:

  • New Product
  • Quality and design testing
  • Complex components
  • Modeling

PCB designers, solution providers, hobbyist, college students, researchers, etc.

For prototype PCB manufacturing, you need a professional PCB manufacturer. JHYPCB is your best choice: we provide custom best, rapid, and low-cost PCB Prototype service, including fast turnaround PCB prototype, prototype PCB stencil, and quick turn PCB prototype assembly service in China.

Founded in 2011, the company has successively provided high-quality and cheap PCB prototype fabrication and PCB Prototype assembly customized services for China, USA, Canada, Malaysia, UK, Australia, India and other countries and regions.

You only need to provide us with Gerber and other PCB design documents and inform us of relevant information.

For more documents required for PCB and PCB assembly manufacturing, please click here.

The price of the prototype PCB is the same as the price of the standard PCB, which varies according to the number of PCB layers, PCB materials, processes, etc. However, at JHYPCB, we always promise to provide the most competitive price and quality in the industry.

If you need to order a new PCB prototype, please click here to contact us or send an email to

The manufacturing process of the prototype PCB is the same as that of the general circuit board. For details, please refer to: PCB Fabrication Process Flow Chart.

JHYPCB is the best for the price and the quality of the Prototype PCB.

We provide higher quality printed circuit board fabrication with competitive prices which are made in China for thousands of design engineers, PCB assemblers, hobbyists and students from all over the world.

PCB prototype fabrication pursues fast turnover, fast delivery, and fast verification. For single-sided, double-sided and four-layer PCBs, we can provide PCB prototype manufacturing services as fast as 24 hours. If you need urgent service, you may pay a higher price.

You should pay attention to the following aspects in PCB prototype manufacturing:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Process capability

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