Whether it is a small or large scale business, every business needs a brand. Trusted branding is necessary to maintain a position for your business in this world of business. Branding is an essential part of a business as it builds a strong bond between you and your customer. Business is nothing without customers trust. If your audiences don’t know about your brand, how can you get customers to your brand? and what about sales? To get the customers and drive leads, branding identity is necessary.

So, what is brand recognition?

Branding recognition is how the public or a specific targeted market is able to find your brand attributions. People recognise your brand by a logo, your brand tagline, colours that are seen in the ads. Brand recognition is also known as aided branded recall. To analyze the brand recognition through promotions run tests on the study groups. It is said that with brand recognition, similar products have higher sales, even though, both brands are of the same quality.

How to maintain brand recognition?

  • You should narrate a unique story something which is near to the customer’s life, this will aid in brand recognition as your brand is very close to your customer
  • Provide impeccable customer service
  • A customer is more likely to recommend your brand when you add value.
  • Educate your customers
  • Build loyalty
  • Ensure that your brand name, products are circulating in the market, you can use social media for this
  • Use the company logo and tagline in all sorts of communication say it an email, ad post etc.,

Now, what are the ways for making your brand recognized

  1. Consistent Branding

A brand is a business asset. But it all depends on customer interactions and brand reputation. A lot happens in the business right from ad campaigns to updates in the social media. As a group of people work on all the elements of marketing, there must be a proper alignment. Lack of brand consistency may reduce your brand value. Too many elements in your brand may confuse your customers, team and even you.

Consistent branding is important because,

  • It creates a professionalism
  • It brings out the Authenticity
  • It gives clarity to your customers
  • Exhibits simplicity
  1. Customer service

Your brand should always be customer-centric. You must know who your customers are. Your brand builds trust with your customer. You can provide guarantees, warranty and a first free product service which directs your customer to finally buy your product and even recommend it to others.

3.Design and circulate your brand guide

Brand board or brand guide is necessary for consistent branding. Keeping aside the size of your business, every business needs a brand document.

Elements of brand guide or board include,

  • Logos of your brand not more than two
  • Colours used
  • Patterns
  • Fonts
  • The mission of your brand
  • Media formats
  • Photography styles
  • Graphic styles

A brand guide is a handy book that you can share it with your team, this helps everyone in the team create consistent posts. A brand guide is cool that you can save it in your mobile, attach it your email and easily sharable with your investors and executives this creat a broad idea of your brand.

As the brand guide represents your company and the brand it should be available in all areas like a sales team, production, your freelancers etc.,

  1. Provide value

For better recognition, you will have to provide value to your customers. You can provide free ebooks, downloadable podcasts, newsletters etc., which increases the respect on your brand and drives the traffic to your brand generating leads.

  1. Custom t-shirts

Fabricate personalized tshirts of your brand. Custom t-shirts create a plethora of brand recognition. Do you have a personalized t-shirt for your brand? If not so, you are missing a cool brand strategy. Designing a custom t-shirt is a great way to create your brand presence both online and offline. It creates a fresh and casual look of your brand that a person can easily recommend.

Custom t-shirts are like walking advertisement. This a cost effective advertisement and offers brand visibility. Custom t-shirts are effortless marketing. When wears your company t-shirt, your brand name is out on the street to customers. Use the colours that are mentioned in your brand guide. Make sure to print your brand logo on your customized T-shirt which will be easy for your customer to easily recognize your brand.

Custom t-shirts are conversation starters. They create a long lasting impression and attracts people. Moreover, it creates a level of curiosity.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is another way to build trust between you and your customer. It improves the long term visibility of your brand. Create brisk content so that your customers enjoy spending time on your blog.

Create a content that is both entertaining and educating this way you can actually get loyal customers who not only read but also shares your content on social media increasing your brand recognition.

  1. Google ad’s for

Ad campaigns for branding, raise the awareness and visibility of your product or service. Create google ad campaigns to reach the desired traffic for your website. Choose specific places to show your ads and then analyze the ads by checking on the brand impression, lead conversions and other statistics required.

Measure your brand recognition by,

  • Impressions: impressions are helpful to see how many people saw your ad. Impressions are important to track your ad campaigns. To improve your ad campaigns create a cost per thousand impressions campaigns than the cost per click.
  • Customer engagement: For brand recognition, you should focus on click-through rate (CTR) to measure customer engagement for the ads.
  • Conversions:  Conversions will help you check whether your brand is driving visitor behaviour like sign-up, and page views.
  • Reach and frequency: Reach is the number of visitors who got to see your ad. Increased reach indicates more potential customers have seen your ad. Frequency is the number of times a customer has got to see your ad in a period of time.
  1. SEO

SEO is always the king. SEO is the basic ingredient of your brand. With the SEO you can improve customer experience. Google prioritizes the website depending upon the site’s speed, web design, type of the content and mobile friendly website.

To create a user experience focus on the modules like useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible and desirable. Research all your strategies of your niche to increase your brand awareness. So, optimize your website now to be on the top of the search engine.

  1. Tell a story

Narrate a compelling story that is very close to your customer. Every business has a story. But what makes you special is your truthfulness in the story. Stay true to the customer and tell’em your genuine brand story.

  1. Social Media

Use social media in all the possible ways to improves your brand recognition. Social media is the easiest way to interact with your customers and build a relationship with your customers.

Don’t rely on single social media use all the social media platforms to maintain your online presence. Design compelling brand posts and provide all the trends in your business and keep your customer updated with your business.