7 Creative Branding Trends for 2019

When we say branding, we don’t refer only to the naming and/ or the logo that a certain brand or company approaches. Branding refers to everything that a company does in terms of its image – marketing strategies, promotions, social media posting, and all of that.

Moreover, branding also means being capable to adapt to new technologies and implement them in marketing strategies. But what differentiates good companies from bad ones, so to say, is the creativity they are capable of when coming up with new strategies.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll showcase seven of the creative branding trends for 2019 – this is something you won’t find during your Instagram hashtag search for new ideas. Hashtags are good, perfect we might say, but they have to be paired with the following trends!

Playful Interactions

Studies predict that the global consumer spend on gaming will grow to roughly $180 billion by 2021. Naturally, this refers to all types of games or playful interactions.

For example, there was a campaign for a sports brand that invited its customers to test their new sneakers while playing a game at the same time. Needless to say, this boosted their sales as well as their social media presence.

In short, when approaching customers/ followers, you should consider tackling and providing them with playful interactions that relate to your brand.

Automation – Chatbots

When it comes to automation, we refer to the use of an Instagram bot, for example, and AI-powered software, like Chatbots.

An Instagram bot can and will increase your online presence, while a Chatbot will make it easier for customers to find solutions to the problems they have with your product/ service.

Organic Brand Influencers

We all know that influencers can do a lot of good, so to speak, to a brand. Your company basically has a little army of people that enjoy your products/ services and promote them on their social media.

However, for 2019, analysts suggest that brands should opt out from having dozens of brand influencers and, instead, focus on a couple of organic brand influencers that have a strong connection with their audience and promote your product/ service in a natural way.

Share of Product Innovation and Branding Initiatives

Most business owners believe that their competitor brands are their biggest enemy. Even partially true, 2019 comes with a new idea, meant to help brands that collaborate with each other.

For example, HP and IKEA have combine forces in order to develop a global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains. In short, their aim is to reduce the amount of plastic that enters the ocean and endangers its flora and fauna.

Basically, any business owner would want to find a brand that is compatible with their and engage in a project that will be beneficial for both of them.

Shapeshifting Logos

Naturally, we couldn’t talk about branding without mentioning logos. Even though they are not part of a complex branding strategy, they surely do their work when it comes to drawing attention to your brand.

It is said that, in 2019, shapeshifting logos will be seen almost everywhere. They refer to logos that can be narrowed down to a single element while the brand is still recognizable.

You take the full logo of a brand and start removing elements from it until you are left with a single one – if the brand is recognizable in every single step, that’s a very good sign!

Vintage Branding

Vintage, traditional branding is said to resurface in 2019. This type of branding is usually simplistic, with neutral colors, featuring hand-drawn illustrations.

It is believed to become popular again because vintage comes with a timeless style, that inspires and builds trust, while also creating the illusion that a certain brand has been around for more than just a couple of years.


Naturally, as we all know, the last couple of years seem to have hinted more and more at minimalism, especially in branding. Logos have evolved, so to speak, from amalgamations of shapes and colors to simple yet powerful lines.

Now, in 2019, minimalism seems to be more than a trend. It is being approached in web-design, art, fashion, and whatnot. Therefore, if you plan a rebranding anytime soon, you might want to consider going simple, minimalist.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, branding is no easy thing, as it means much more than just your logo or your brand’s name. It means everything you can do to give your audience a new point of view over your brand, one that builds trust and that cares for them.

Obviously, you don’t have to rely on all of the aforementioned trends but approaching as many as possible won’t do any harm to your brand. On the contrary, they will help your brand grow and evolve.