We often use our smartphones to browse through different social media platforms every day, and a significant amount of our time when we are online is spent on watching videos. If your pastime is watching videos on social media sites like Facebook or Snapchat, I’m sure you’ve noticed the rise of vertical video content.

A few years ago, vertical videos would cause viewers’ disapproval due to the inconvenience of their reduced size. But social media platforms now allow vertical videos to play at full-size on mobile screens. This move from social media giants is due to the fact that a lot of people produce and watch videos while holding their phones upright.

So, it only makes sense that you optimize your video content for mobile. If you want further convincing, here are the reasons why vertical video is a must for marketers.

Vertical Videos are More Engaging

A myriad of businesses is on social media to deliver their brand messages and reach out to their target audience. With such strong competition, you should see to it that you make your brand stand out from your rivals. Thus, it’s necessary to keep up with constantly evolving trends.

Nowadays, creating vertical video content proves to boost engagement, with 90 percent higher completion rate than horizontal videos. Not only that, but it’s also more innovative according to a majority of social media users.

Users Find Vertical Videos More Convenient to Watch

Consumer behavior has evolved since the advent of mobile technology. Since more and more people are using smartphones, marketers must craft their marketing strategies with the experience of mobile users in mind.

A lot of people watch videos using their mobile devices, which means that vertical video content is in-demand. Likewise, users also find watching videos in a vertical format to be more user-friendly. So, you should catch this opportunity to produce more vertical videos as part of your marketing strategy to best reach out to your social media followers.

Active Mobile Users are on the Rise

People who are often active on social media prefer watching videos than reading text content. Video content also generates more shares than other content formats in social media. With this meteoric rise in the number of mobile users who watch video content, you must produce more vertical videos to gain more audience. Also, make sure to have the right tools and software to create awesome vertical videos.

Social Media Sites Now Embrace Vertical Video Format

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, among others, are now embracing videos in vertical format.  Social media platforms have removed black bars on vertical video content to provide better user experience to people who are using mobile devices. This trend is an excellent way for marketers to create vertical videos for their social media marketing campaigns.

Vertical Video Content is Beneficial to Your Marketing

If you want to reach your marketing goals, it’s now time to invest in vertical video content. Since many people find vertical videos more user-friendly and engaging, creating videos in vertical format can build brand awareness, boost brand trust, and increase sales. So, it’s to your advantage to keep up with this trend.


With the rise of the number of mobile users, the vertical video format is king today. For marketers, it’s crucial to tap into this trend to convey their brand messages and reach out to their target audience.