Branding your business is important because it’s a way for customers to remember your business. The imagery you use will set your business apart from the competition. There are different ways you can use imagery to brand your business successfully.

Create a Logo or Icon

Creating a logo helps create a brand for your company online and in-store. When you’re using your logo, make sure your logo is simple and use dull colors. A lot of colors in one logo makes it complicated and distracting, which can confuse customers. Your logo is best placed in the corner of the images you use on your website or other media. Just like SharpSuits, their logo creation is designed for client requests as entertaining as it is.

Use Watermarks

You should use watermarks on all your images. The watermark doesn’t have to be your logo. It can be a simple design or word. You need to be consistent when using the watermark. You can use photos you’ve taken and uploaded on your computer or purchase photos online.

Use Your Business Colors

Anything that is associated with your business, especially images, should be used with your business colors. Using your business colors helps customers associate your brand with specific colors, which helps create brand awareness. Your business colors should be bold and vibrant because they attract attention and convey emotion.

Use a Design Element

Your design element needs to be unique to your brand. Your design element is similar to your logo. This element needs to be showcased across multiple platforms and documents, including your marketing materials, websites, business cards, and presentations. Brand recognition is easier obtained when your design element and logo appear on these documents and platforms because they are consistent.

Use Color Overlays

Color overlays are a great way to make a picture “pop” or stand out on your website. Color overlays are semi-transparent colors that are placed over photos and text. If you are showcasing a variety of photo books on your website, using color overlays are a great way to make each page of the book unique.

Use Black and White Photos and Text

Branding your business requires you to be creative and unique. When the competition is using color photos and text, be different and use black and white photos and text. This differentiating factor helps customers set your business apart from similar companies.

Use Filters

Filters are great to use to give photos on your website or social media page a specific feel or appearance. Filters can turn a dull picture into a clean and crisp, clear photo that stands out on your website. Filters are perfect for making different sceneries stand out and other instances, such as pictures of food, and wildlife photos.

Use Templates

Using templates is a perfect way to save time and speed up production. When you’re creating templates for your images, make sure you have a dedicated for your call-to-actions, long and short quotes, content, sales, and other images for proper marketing.

Imagery is excellent to use in addition to content because it helps grasp the customer’s attention. Using high-quality pictures helps your business stand out in the mind of your clients because your images are visually stimulating. Don’t get stuck using a wall of text. Use imagery to help with your branding efforts.