Tide and Pantene for Under a Dollar Each 12/27/15 – 1/2/16

There’s still 2 days left to do this absolutely fabulous deal on PG products.
It’s a typical buy $30 get $10 ECB deal, but there are some sweet store and manu Qs to make a huge difference in your totals.

You can do this all in one transaction:

3 Pantene @ 12
3 Tide @ 16.02
2 Dawn @ 1.98
subtotal: $30.00
use $3/3 Pantene scanner Q printing this week
use $5/3 Pantene from 12/27 PG (some regions got a $3/3)
use (3) $2/1 Tide from 12/27 PG
use (2) $.30/1 Dawn printables
use any ECBs you have to bring your out of pocket cost down (up to $15.40)
new total: $15.40, get $10 ECB.
That’s $5.40 for 3 Tide, 3 Pantene and 2 Dawn.
($0.96 per Tide, $0.72 per Pantene and $0.18 per Dawn) That’s what I call one sweet deal!

If you only have 1 Tide coupon, you’ll be paying a new of $9.40 for everything.
($1.67 per Tide, $1.25 per Pantene and $0.32 per Dawn)

And if you don’t have any coupons but want a good deal on Tide, I have that scenario for you too:

5 Tide @ $26.70
3 Dawn @ 2.97
pay $29.67 (CVS ECBs print at 98% of the needed amount)
get $10 ECB for a net of $19.67 for everything.
(3.54 per Tide and $.66 per Dawn)

Even with such a fabulous deal, I’m not sure I’ll get out this week for this one since I have enough Tide on hand to add to 3 years worth of my homemade Tide. How about you? Have you shopped this deal yet? Share your scenarios below if you have and did something different!

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