CVS 12/13/15 $28.47 for $0.49 OOP!

I didn’t shop last week at CVS, as it was a busy week and I just didn’t see anything we had to have at those prices.  I got my shopping in early this week though! Here’s my two transactions with a peek at our soon to be 6 year old.  It’s hard to believe she was not even 6 months old when I started writing Thrifty Texas Penny!




Transaction 1
3 Angel Soft @ 15 *
used $5/15 mailer Q
used $2, $2, $1.98, $1, $1, $1, and $1 in ECBs
new total: $.02, got $5 ECB and earned $5 from Savingstar for buying $15 in Angel Soft products

Turkey asked me at dinner why I bought so much toilet paper when we have a few packs already.  It was a perfect chance for an impromptu math lesson with a life and teach him why we shop the way we do!

*There is a $.25 Angel Soft Q in the 11/15 RP that expires Tuesday.


Transaction 2
1 At home dish soap @ .89
1 Schick razor @ 9.49
1 Gillette shave cream @ 2.87
subtotal: $13.27
used $4/$10 Shave products CVS Q
used $2/1 Schick from 11/22 SS
used $5 ECB from T1
used $.99 and $.79 ECBs from a couple weeks back
new total: $0.47, got $5 ECB and $.89 ECB

Totals: $28.27 at sale prices for $0.49 OOP.  I spent $16.76 in ECBs and earned $10.79 in ECBs and $5 from Savingstar, so I would consider my cost today to actually be $1.46.  You’ll not see me complaining though, I’m so thankful to have CVS stores near me again!

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