11/23 CVS Scenario for Beginners (4 days only)

This 11/23 CVS scenario for beginners will yield you 2 Robitussin, 1 Combos, 1 Mars and 1 Hersheys candy bar, 2 Green Giant veggies, 1 Tide, 1 Gum, 1 CVS liners and 1 Revlon Nail Polish- all for $0.56 OOP! Keep in mind this is a 4 day only ad, since the Black Friday sale will run Thursday – Saturday.

Our last Beginner’s Scenario ended with a $2 ECB and $3 ECB and $2.70 in our Savingstar account. If you don’t have any ECBs or Savingstar funds you’ll just spend a little more (out of pocket) but will be right there with us for next week!

This scenario is written for beginners so it’s designed to be fairly simple, with no scanner Qs included unless advertised in the weekly ad. It also does not tally any items that may qualify for the beauty club, but you’ll want to sign up for it anyway because it’s free :-) You’ll want to read over my CVS tutorial before you go shopping so you’ll have a better understanding of how this all works.

Transaction 1
2 Robitussin Medi-Soothers @ 2.98
1 Combos 6.3 oz @ 1.50
1 Mars Chocolate, Air Heads, or Mentos mints Singles 1.08-2 oz @ .79
2 Green Giant canned vegetables 11-15.25 oz @ 1.98
subtotal: $7.25
use 2 $1/1 Robitussin Product or from (RP 11/02/14) *no size restrictions
use $2 and $3 ECB from last week
new total: $0.25, get $2.98 ECB, $1.50 ECB, $.79 ECB and $1.98 ECB

Transaction 2
1 Total Home liquid laundry detergent 20 oz @ 1.79
1 5 Gum 15 ct. @ 1
1 Hershey Single @ .79
1 CVS pantiliners 20 ct. @ .99
1 Select Revlon nail color @ 4.99
subtotal: $9.56
use $2/1 Revlon Cosmetics purchase
use $2.98 ECB, $1.50 ECB, $.79 ECB and $1.98 ECBs from T1
new total: $0.31, get $1.79 ECB, $1 ECB, $.79 ECB, $.99 ECB and $3 ECB

Totals: $16.81 at sale prices for $0.56 OOP. Start with $5 in ECBs, and $2.70 in our Savingstar account, end with $7.57 in ECBs and $2.70 in our Savingstar account.

This is a big shopping week for CVS. Stores often have to keep inventory of popular items behind the counter, so be sure to ask if you can’t fin something. There are several more items that will be free after ECB during this 4 day sale, so you’ll find plenty of substitutions if an item in the scenario is out of stock. You could also do a third transaction purchase more of these freebies :-)

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